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A true classic
(Updated: December 13, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
I will never forget Holland V. Till today, it remains one of Channel 8's best dramas - I have yet to watch another one as good as this although Portrait Of Home would be a close rival.

I recall watching this show when I was in primary school, and I can safely say I will watch it again if Channel 8 starts showing reruns of Holland V. The drama kept me glued to my TV screen for an hour and I eagerly anticipated the next episode. I think this was the drama that made Chen Liping a real star, for without her Holland V would never have been the success it was.

Funny, endearing and lovable, Chen Liping made the character of Mo Wanwan extremely likeable. Other actors also offered credible performances, such as Jeanette Aw (the only time I ever enjoyed watching Jeanette Aw) and Patricia Mok. If you are looking to renew your faith in local television, watch Holland V.

Also, if Channel 8 wants to improve on the quality of its shows nowadays, it should take a few leaves out of Holland V's book instead of always copying Korean or Hong Kong dramas. Long live Holland V!

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