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Television Shows J jerald September 30, 2012 975
The return of Chen Liping
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I never got down to following this drama properly because I was busy with my life then. However, snippets of the show I managed to catch at coffee shops and display TVs in electronic stores always manage to keep me watching on, rooted to the spot. The local flavor of the show is just so entertaining. Sadly, the show would end soon enough or, in the latter case, the sales guy would know I'm not gonna buy a TV and chase me off by changing the channel. That always works.

I especially liked the popularity that the show brought Chen Liping. Ever since her Aiyoyo teacher role which makes all kids hate their school for not having teachers like her, she have been assigned forgettable roles and generally been glossed over by all the younger and prettier stars coming onto the scene. This recognition was really long overdue but I'm glad it finally came for her in the role of Mo Wan Wan.

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