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Television Shows J jerald September 30, 2012 986
Memorable even till today
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I still remember the excitement in me whenever I heard the theme song of Holland V being played on the television. Holland V is undoubtedly one of my favourite Channel 8 dramas; it was a classic.

I really enjoyed Chen Li Ping's acting (Mo Wan Wan) in the show - it was wild, crazy and so real. In fact, she was one of my favourite characters in the show. She remained confident in spite of her size, loud and loving of her sister; she was what we would term a "nv qiang ren", a woman who could fend for herself. I think most of us actually remember her for how she gained so much weight just to get into character. Her dedication deserves applause. To be honest, the acting of all the actresses and actors in Holland V was great. It was also extremely hilarious, which I would guess is what made the show such a popular one. Till today, I vividly remember Jeanette Aw being the slow and gullible younger sister Mo Jing Jing, and Patricia Mok (Mo Xiao Ling) an extremely fast runner. Their family was extremely interesting because they were all quirky in their own ways. Their love for one another was admirable as they went to lengths, as I remember, trying to catch a molester who molested Jing Jing. And who can forget Xie Shao Guang's character Yang Xiong, with his effeminate ways, as he desperately sought after Mo Wan Wan's heart? Because their acting had been so convincing down to the expressions, I can still remember their characters very clearly.

Holland V is, in my opinion, one of the best dramas of that generation and I honestly hope that they will have a rerun of this show soon.
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