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(Updated: January 08, 2013)
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Ask any adults about this show and I bet they'll remember it, mostly for Chen Liping, who acted as the very memorable and likable female lead. Even though I'm just a teenager who was in primary school at the time the show was airing, I still have fond memories of rushing home after school, taking a quick shower (much to my grandma's chagrin, as she insisted that I get myself clean), and settling down in front of the TV to eat my dinner while watching the show (bad habit, I know. But the show was so good that even the adults did the same!).

Like most Singaporean dramas, the show was very Singapore (by which I mean only Singaporeans or people who have lived in Singapore can understand the show) and circled around the theme of family, portraying it in a comedic but touching way. Till today, I have yet to see any other Singaporean drama come even close to rivalling it.
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