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Somebody, give it some help.
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I was once an avid supporter of Mediacorp and their shows. Honestly, my chidlhood days revolved around Channel 8, Channel U and Channel 5 shows. I can't even count the number of hours I used to spent watching television.

Maybe because I've grown up now - maturity sets in, and storylines churned out by the scriptwriters are becoming a complete bore to me.

Maybe because I've watched too many of Mediacorp shows - the same old faces in the drama serials are becoming less and less appealing, tiresome to even watch on. I'm sure many others out there can empathize with me and relate closely to my thoughts. Imagine watching Rui En in two separate drama serials that have their screening timings approximately only one hour apart.

There are obviously (abortive) attempts by the company to rescue the slowing declining population of Mediacorp's fans - the 30 golden years event held recently to commemorate the achievements and good old memories of Mediacorp. There were crude remarks that the event was simply redundant. (Ouch! But yeah, I agree.)

Instead of wasting time and efforts channelizing all of their resources to organize such frivolous and useless events to retain their viewers, why not spend it on grooming the new talents or increasing the budgets for the drama serials to allow greater variety and novelty in the plots? Is Mediacorp placing focus on entirely wrong areas?

I shall seek solace in drama serials that Mediacorp import from other countries for now. Thank god, at least they provide alternatives to the local shows.
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