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I would probably have given this review a rating of 5 a few years back - I was an absolute fan of MediaCorp back then, going as far as to even pick up the phone to dial numbers for my favourite actresses. However, times have definitely changed, and as much as I hate to admit it, MediaCorp is definitely on the decline, and I hardly ever watch the channels from MediaCorp unless I'm really bored, or some new drama has captured my fancy.

MediaCorp attempts to keep up with the times by constantly churning out replicas of gameshows from other countries like America or Japan. However, what this only manages to achieve is make the company look like a complete poseur as those gameshows are usually a flop when it comes to local context, and it can get quite tiring to constantly see those shows on repeat.

Furthermore, with MediaCorp's tight industry of actors and actresses, it's getting quite a bore to constantly see the same few faces on various dramas. In fact, it's hardly surprising to see Jeanette Aw acting in a 7pm drama, only to see her lovely face once more during the 9pm one.

With the introduction of Cable TV into my home, MediaCorp channels have definitely taken a back seat. However, I still flick through Channel 5, Channel 8 and Channel U on occasion when I'm bored, and looking for some local humour. Locals shouldn't be too quick to diss MediaCorp though. Although the media company is on the decline, some of the TV productions are definitely better than certain Hong Kong dramas on Cable TV, and it's always refreshing to watch some local satire!

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