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Creativity level decreasing...
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I appreciate having MediaCorp in Singapore because it provides me with local entertainment, from radio to television. My favourite station, 987FM, is under MediaCorp, and I am a regular viewer of local Chinese dramas on Channel 8 (because my sister loves to watch them and I have no choice but to watch as well).

The only thing I have against MediaCorp is that their local dramas are getting more and more typical and predictable, and nowadays, it's as if the story of one drama is recycled and adjusted slightly before being turned into a new show. The scriptwriters at MediaCorp seriously need to start using more creativity in their stories and find something new before every plot in the future becomes stale and boring.

Also, it's a terrible idea to reuse the same rising stars a couple of times in a row. It can get sickening watching the same actors over and over, especially if they are new, they only end up becoming overrated. I mean, it's great that they are getting exposure and all, but please spread their appearances out evenly....

Alright, all the negatives aside, MediaCorp is still something Singaporeans should be proud of, because it is such a successful company. Some of the dramas air beyond Singapore, which is pretty cool to me. I will keep on supporting MediaCorp, with hopes that the script of the dramas will get better over the years, and not get more and more similar!
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