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Television Channels B bxbong November 13, 2012 156
I miss the old Channel 8 dramas and sitcoms!
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Not sure if I’m old or what but I really miss the old Channel 8 dramas with my favorite actors and actresses like Li Nan Xing and Fann Wong. I remember when young, the 7 and 9pm dramas never fail to become huge topics among Singaporeans. However, as we got exposed to the internet and scv, there are just too many options for us to choose from. They made Mediacorp dramas and variety shows pale in comparison. Not only that Mediacorp now often air outdated overseas dramas (from Taiwan and Korea) and is missing out on the Singapore essence.

Aside from missing the old dramas, I also loved their old sitcoms a lot. They used to have really funny sitcoms like Don’t worry, Be happy, Right Frequency, My genie etc. But they seem to have totally stopped producing such sitcoms all together. And if you do a google search of the lists of dramas of the 2000s, it would certainly bring back many fond memories. I would like to end off with a few of my favourite dramas that I am missing! Wok of Life (Fu Man Ren Jian), Condor heroes, The Legends of the Eight Immortals, Looking for stars….. Strikes a chord?
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