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(Updated: April 22, 2013)
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Oh my god. Mediacorp, the building. It is severely ancient!

I attended a job preview there recently. The compound was rather foreign. It was submerged in the hub of ginormous custom made houses. The satellite dishes there seemed to be calling out for a sponge soaked with Mama Lemon. Caldecott Hill was definitely no Beverly Hills. Oh, maybe the houses nearby were but definitely not the Mediacorp infrastructure.

There were flights of stairs everywhere. Elevators and escalators, where are you? There seemed to be no trace of technology anywhere apart from the satellite dishes. I ventured further into the compound and discovered the customer service centre. It was air conditioned! How refreshing. The area seemed like a separate planet as compared to the staircase zones outside. The lighting exuded a cosy aura. The people behind the counter greeted with a welcoming smile and efficiently provided me with the visitors pass.

The workers strutting there generously provided me with the directions towards my destination. The radio building. It was humongous. Unfortunately, everything there screams "Old!". I was intrigued by the radio deejays at work. One was even nearby, on the line with another person via his iPhone. He sounded exactly like the voice that seeped through my speakers in the morning.

I approached the elevator there. Yes, finally! An elevator present there. The elevator seemed like those banal ones that workers use to transport goods in shopping centres. It creaks too. The doors opened and Jean Dankers voice boomed throughout that level. How intriguing. I glanced around and was appalled by the window located nearby. It was rather moldy and the hinges seemed to be rusting away.

Mediacorp is certainly a venue which brims with interesting activities that may lead your eyes ablaze with star-struckness. However, why dont't they renovate it? This vintage architecture is eerily intimidating. Even the dusty vending machines available there didn't seem trustworthy in terms of age.

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