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Unhappily ever after
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Double Happiness was the last local drama I followed religiously. For the last episode of the first series, I even took a cab and rushed home from school just so I wouldn't miss a second of it. It was a huge disappointment.

After experiencing all the ups and downs through 70 episodes of the show, you want everything to turn out well and reach the proverbial happy ending. Especially when the dam show is called Double Happiness and the plot revolves around a restaurant named Happy Fish. What happened was the exact opposite. The details are so forgettable that I've already forgotten them. But it involves a series of bad news hitting the poor old mother who then had a heart attack, adding to the collective sorrow and melancholy of the show and eventually culminated into a cry fest where every single character, if not outright bawling their eyes out, is standing around looking forlorn and miserable.

With lasting images of those anguish faces etched in our minds, the show ends. I was shocked. Is this what we have waited 70 episodes for?! I understand that they wanna set the stage for the second series of the show, but TOTAL DESPAIR?!

I resolved to temper my expectations for any shows by mediacorp hereafter. I still watch local dramas now and then, because I feel that it is still funny and engaging. But I am no longer tempted to follow a show from start to finish. Mediacorp have an annoying habit of ruining the last episode of a great show. Nowadays, whenever I hear people complaining of some shitty open-ended ending following a great series, I nod my head sagely and say,' I told you so.'

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