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Television Channels D david-tan October 20, 2012 296
Needs to step up its game to compete with Channel U
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I guess watching television programmes has lost its appeal to technology i.e. the Internet. Discussing about 9pm Chinese dramas is now considered a rarity among young adults like myself. I remember the good old days in secondary school when almost everyone, including my maid, would have at least watched an episode of the top serial dramas.

The variety shows at present are not as good as the past, and mainly commercialized (like the Sheng Shiong show). The only noteworthy programmes I care to watch every now and then are its documentaries that reflect the society. Channel 8 needs to step up its game to compete with Channel U!
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December 22, 2013
Glad to say that the discussions about 9pm dramas have returned! Channel 8 has surpassed most expectations this year with the release of more exciting serials like Sudden. Everyone in my school was talking about it and how unexpected the plot twists were, so I would say Channel 8 is en route to improving!
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