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Radio L laura-chan April 05, 2013 783
Perfect blend of old and new songs
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Whenever I get into the car, I always ask my parents to switch to Kiss 92 - it's my favourite station.

Admittedly, I love old songs. I probably know more old songs than the new ones which are churned out of the music industry nearly every day. Despite me being slightly backward when it comes to my music taste, I do enjoy some of the new songs.

Due to the diverse range of songs that I like, it was hard to choose a radio station to listen to. Most stations either play too many "oldie" songs or too many of the new songs - until I discovered Kiss 92. Kiss 92 plays the perfect blend of both the older and the newer songs so now I don't have to sit through a song I dislike before getting to a song I like.

Kiss 92 is definitely my favourite station!

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