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Radio I iswariya October 20, 2012 1016
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The only english news channel supplying all the updated radio news, it must be pretty pressurizing for the reporters and back stage crew alike. Having to put together the news in such a short period of time and to report it so as to keep the nation updated, I am truly impressed with the work rate and the consistency of the channel.

Listening to the news in the morning is really such a refreshing breeze as I would not have to hover my head within the papers in my sleepy state just to get the headlines of the day. I appreciate the summaries that the radio station provides because it is simple, straight to the point and at the same time informative. Traffic conditions are also frequently being broadcast, hence making it easier on the roads so as to avoid the traffic jams. I find it amusing at times when I tune in at unorthodox hours, as I would usually find myself listening to amateur news announcers on air. Although they are not too bad, they tend to fumble quite a lot and it does make the whole channel seem a little unprofessional as the stability of the radio broadcast is not kept throughout the span of the day.

That being said, being on air live is sure pressurizing. In addition, having to articulate and enunciate the news for such long periods of time would definitely be taxing. Hence, the channel has really done a great job in maintaining its composure to constantly keeping the nation updated.
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