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Newspapers D david-tan October 20, 2012 746
Gets repetitive after awhile
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When I was in secondary school, it was mandatory for us to sit at the assembly plaza every Wednesday morning for reading sessions with these weekly newspapers we subscribe to. I enjoyed these reading sessions (apart from the fact that the floor is uncomfortably hard) - but only for awhile.

Let's put things in perspective - having to read the same issues from the same publisher for four entire years - things gets a little repetitive after awhile. Same insights on the same thorny societal issues voiced out by the same writers really creates a desire for more refreshing content. Most of the time, I felt like the newspaper content was to serve as another form of moral education on top of it being a way to train up our language skills.

I am however, in praise of the platform these type of newspapers provide, for students to write in and express themselves. Beyond training their writing abilities, it makes them feel heard and valued. However, I would love to see more controversial issues debated in these teenage/youth newspapers as they are definitely more thought-provoking.
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