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Overall Rating 
zbComma is a Chinese newspaper primarily targeted towards students in an effort to make them better appreciate and also help improve their grasp of the language. Although I appreciate the effort made in the planning of all the content and activities found within the paper, I personally did not enjoy it very much still. I'm not very good with Chinese and extremely uncomfortable with the language so enjoyment of the paper was limited and it came to the point where I wouldn't even bother looking through the paper because there were always so many characters that I couldn't read and understand!

However, I think zbComma will be extremely useful for students who have a medium to high command of Chinese because from perusing through, I can tell that there are indeed interesting news and activities in the paper. It will serve to further pique interest in the much-hated language and encourage reading of Chinese in daily life. Overall a great newspaper for students which is interesting and informative, but simply not for those who are already weak in the language.

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