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A step forward
(Updated: October 08, 2012)
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The situation may be improving, but Singaporean students are often labelled ignorant and study-machines. I will not elaborate on Singapore's paper chase and how a worrying big portion of students are only studying subjects with width covered in their exams.

I am guilty. I was one of the many in sceondary school. The only time I read newspapers was due to the fact of compulsory review homework.

The new paper reduced normal-newspaper-size to a more desirable size for more convenient reading, especially ideal for kids and young adults (well, i guess the person holding it reading won't look like an old uncle or auntie reading at the coffee shop). It has a almost a summary highlighting daily news from business, economics and politics, sports and daily happenings. Though not all the news are interesting, starting from one section to two sections and so on will definitely be a good start to cultivate children their newspaper-reading. I remembered I started reading from the new paper and because I was curious of the full story of some articles, I began reading the full text and now, almost the full newspaper.

It may be a chore for some children, but I have started appreciating the news to begin to realise how small a world Singaporeans are living in. Children in the past has no such opportunity, so why not garner some friends and start reading together?

Due to today's technology advancement, news can be read online anytime. anywhere. But the traditional feel of touching and flipping the page will make the reading more enjoyable!

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