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Revision of my Mandarin with entertainment!
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At around close to 7.30am, a rather long queue can be spoted outside near to MRT stations. In Singapore terms, long queue equates to freebies, promotion and sales? Well, this queue is waiting for a free and yet educational and entertaining, My Paper.

It is one of the many reads I have most of the time (if I manage to grab one when I am at the station early) and something that I have never gotten bored of. The small size, relatively thin newspaper is a good choice to keep myself occupied (and be aware of world's happening!) on my train journeys. I love how it is bilingual and most importantly, the entertainment and gossip section is in chinese! I haven been reading anything chinese after my A level chinese paper and this is a good way to still keep in touch with my mother tongue.

"Wo men shi hua ren. Yi ding yao hui dui he jiang hua yu." Its means, chinese must be able to read and converse in mandarin. Something that my dad keeps on mentioning about. Indeed, everyone should always be knowledgeable about their mother tongue. But nowadays, english is the main medium everywhere, where are the rare chances that we got to practice our language? I guess, My paper is solution!

I do hope that other languages like malay and tamil can be added in, or other sources of newspaper can cater to our friends of malay and hindu community!

I am really glad that bilingual My paper is launched and given free for public. Kudos to the production team. Their efforts will not be wasted when Singaporeans can be more aware of the happenings and practice their mandarin while reading the entertainment section!

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