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Movies J jerald September 29, 2012 2199
Only Comical Muthu! Poorly developed.
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I think Just follow law seems to be just a normal film touching issue such as inflexibility in different industries due to "black and white" (law) overpowering every single little things. In the film, even borrowing a fan for ventilation requires write-in application and 3 working days for approval. I find the film exaggerating some issues (well, that's the comical part) even though situations like heated up office conflicts are certainly prevalent. I think the film is lacking in focus and direction and has concentrated too much on all the office politics, too much for my liking.

SAY SOMEMORE! 'somemore...'
SAY SOMEMORE!'somemore....'
SAY SOMEMORE!'somemore....'

This scene is one of the many comical ones by my favourite actor, Muthu. I think Muthu has made the movie whole lot enjoyable with his hilarious lines and acting. To me, Muth is the main part of the movie. Many of my friends agree that Muth has stolen the show, in a good way and we support him!

Then again, the film has given Singaporeans a little insights on some of the problems the workforce are facing. It has also serves as a voice for many workers who feel suffocated by the increasing pressure of achieve as much as possible (and in the shortest time) with the little resources given to workers. The resulting problems were blamed on the incompentency of workers rather than finding root cause.

Even though I think this film is poorly made and developed, watching it for a good laugh is still worthwhile.
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