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Movies J jerald September 29, 2012 1141
A good insight with our mirror neurons.
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I Not Stupid, in my opinion, is a great film leading Singaporeans and even foreigners to be more aware of the uninended effect modern Singapore has caused. Issues such as paper chase, to fame and statuses, to child upbring were highlighted. Using our mirror neurons (mirror neurons are believed to be what allow us to learn and show empathy), we put ourselves in other people's shoes and realise, these issues are things that we are oblivious to or are ignoring.

I had witnessed a shocking incident. A mum and her child were conversing about the day in school and I heard alot of critisim, on her classmates. "Your classmate is very stupid" was repeatedly said many times among both the mum and child. I was totally speechless and disgusted. A similar scene in the movie (well, just the saying of stupid).

After watching this film, there were few insights I had gained. Those who are less academically inclined are also people who have worth and certainly geniuses in their own niche, which unfortunately, many were not giving the opportunities to discover it. I am sure it is normal for one (me too) to feel better or superior to others. But I think the main idea is to accept others for who they are and believe their worth and talent (even if you or even himself are unaware).

Just a random thought, shouldn't our national pledge includes accepting people regardless of academic achievements? ;)

Overall, the film has done a great job in highlighting issues faced nowadays and with all the comical scenes, this film is a must-watch.

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