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Got to hand it to Jack Neo
(Updated: January 31, 2013)
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The first movie that showcased the possibility of war in Singapore has caught my attention from the very beginning. It was a relief knowing that it was only a stimulation game, but in short, Singaporeans should not take our peaceful state for granted. From there on, the rest of the movie depicted the different stages of NS that all male citizens have gone/will go through, which I believe tugged at the heartstrings of plenty, especially the Singaporean men. The very local and amusing dialogue had me doubled over with laughter. The movie was real, yet somewhat exaggerated (I double checked with my guy friends!) but was good in providing a perspective of a life that us girls can never get (not that we want to, but still). Overall, albeit some cheesy parts of the script, it was enjoyable.
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February 01, 2013
The DVD is out. For those that missed the movie, you can watch the DVD.
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