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Movies D delilah November 14, 2012 710
Peek into another world
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Overall Rating 
As a female, I've always wondered what was it about National Service that guys hated so much. Was it the torture of having to wake up at 5.30am everyday? Or not being able to see their loved ones for a prolonged period of time?

Ah Boys to Men helped me to understand a little bit better. Through the laughter (and the horrible graphics in the beginning) this movie helped me gain insight. Why friendships made during NS days last a lifetime, why some of my friends constantly complain about booking in, and most of all, how to 'chao geng'.

Even though I really disliked how the movie ended, I am actually lookIng forward to the Ah Boys to Men part two. After all, as a Singaporean, I should support local productions!
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