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Singers B bxbong November 22, 2012 555
The shadow of one
(Updated: February 11, 2014)
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The fact that he was the second winner and not the first made his win in Singapore Idol less groundbreaking, and I feel that he has not employed sufficient methods to connect with his fans or the media industry. While Taufiq, the first winner of Singapore idol remains quite popular, not the same can be said for him, as apart from a few occasion gigs, he is absent from the media scene.

While he has decent looks and good vocals, he has not done much to outreach to his fans who supported him, and I feel that it makes him less of a star compared to his predecessor Taufiq, who continues to be seen in the media industry. Even if he joined the competition as an experience, in my opinion as the winner he has to stay connected with his fans who truly supported him and not just disappear from the media scene when he decides to take another pathway in life. Overall he is good, but his absence from the media industry makes his popularity dwindle over the years.
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