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Singers B bxbong November 22, 2012 631
He won Singapore and Asian Idol not Suria Idol!
(Updated: March 07, 2013)
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He seemed to be rather one sided ever since he was declared the winner for Asian Idol. He belted flawless performances week after week. Unfortunately, none were his own personal self produced or composed tracks. His performances included a cover of U2's song. Which performed he did. Even now. I saw him last year at an event at Gardens By The Bay. I was pleasantly surprised when I was greeted by an applaudable track that is finally personally his and not simply a mere cover of other already famous tracks derived from celebrities abroad. However, I was taken aback much more later when he began crooning to that same old U2 track again. Didn't he know that that tune was so last year? Oh, but his vocals sounded impressive though!

After his performance there, I whipped out my phone and conducted an impromptu mini research of him. The research I did extended for several days. Apparently, he is now active in conquering the Malay radio stations with malay songs that were exceptionally slow paced. Why didn't he release any tracks in English too like how Taufik Batisah did? One album that catered to both the English and Malay speakers? Hady Mirza shot to fame via Singapore Idol; a show that was in English. He didn't rocket into stardom via a Malay-language singing contest! His lingering absence in the English speaking industry was probably the core reason how he morphed in to a fading idol who has diverted himself away from the route towards internationally soaring success.
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