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Singers H haziyah-ali February 24, 2014 450
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I followed Daphne Khoo's adventure during Singapore Idol. After she got eliminated, I assumed that she would never be seen again. At that time, I felt that she wasn't all that great and it was a good elimination. But was I wrong.

After a long period gone from the shores of Singapore, she has returned to the local music scene to rave reviews. While overseas, the exposure to different culture has shaped her tremendously and matured her immensely. She has even started to write her own music, which is not easy. I felt that her recently released EP was raw, full of emotion and a good reflection of her life journey. I was pleasantly surprised to see a Daphne Khoo completely unlike that of the Singapore Idol.

You can get her EP at Starbucks stores, and I do recommend getting it. Although it sounds a bit mainstream at times, I appreciate the effort and quality invested by this local talent. Can't wait to see what she'll get up to next.
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