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Singers H haziyah-ali February 24, 2014 239
Voice of an Angel
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Corrine May is no Katy Perry. Don't get me wrong, it isn't a bad thing. She's not mainstream, doesn't have a Top 100 hit, yet manages to play on my heartstrings. Every single time. Just go onto YouTube and listen to a song of hers and you'll know what I mean. In an era where electronic distortions, auto-tune and meaningless lyrics run rampant, Corrine May offers grateful respite.

I love her soulful voice that manages a hint of uniqueness such that I would never confuse her with anyone else. I love her lyrics, how they're so thoughtfully composed and so richly infused with meaning. I love her, how she doesn't chase after fame but lets her talent and music speak for her instead.

I own an album from her, and her music is great to listen to especially if you're feeling uptight or stressed. It's sad how she's not more recognised, but I hope she continues writing music and releasing albums! She's got a fan right here.
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