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Lacking the essence of real soymilk
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Unisoy has always ranked as one of the bottom brands of soymilk I've ever tasted. Indeed, it is my opinion that because of the company's numerous modifications to make it everyone's healthy choice of soymilk that the essence of how soymilk should taste like is lost in the process.

Take lactose, for example. Whilst I acknowledge the removal of lactose has indeed made soymilk drinkable for a larger group of people, lactose is what makes milk milk. Without lactose, the delicious milky taste is invariably lost in the process. Moreover, artificial removal of natural sugars has further reduced the original quality of the soymilk.

Another point that deters me from buying Unisoy would be the price. A packet with 12 sticks of Unisoy powder can easily cost more than $150. And since I don't get the quality I expect from paying so much for a sachet of soymilk, I see no point in buying it. I would rather buy a $1.30 cup of warm soymilk from Mr. Bean anyday.

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June 11, 2014
Hi Jian Qiang, I realized that this comment is 6 months late but I really can't resist.

The thing is, soy milk will never have lactose. Lactose is a type of sugar that is only present in dairy products. Soy milk is not really milk, in the sense that it is made by soaking dry soya beans, grinding it with water and boiling it. Unisoy was probably trying to highlight how their soymilk can be consumed by those who are lactose intolerant, i.e. Children and adults who are unable to digest lactose, and will experience bloating or diarrhea. While I agree that Unisoy does taste funny, It is not because of the lack of lactose, since soy milk from Mr Bean won't have that either.

Regarding your point on the price, the $160 price tag listed on their website is likely a wholesale price for retailers such as NTUC and Cold Storage. Given that a carton of 24 packets of 12 sticks cost $160, so each packet costs around $6.70. Each stick or sachets will cost around $0.60, which is actually cheaper than Mr Bean. But given the taste, I would probably also opt for the $1.30 Mr Bean soy milk too.
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