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Singapore Products W wangkh December 20, 2012 275
It is still gambling
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I know many people who buy one of the game draws/bets from Singapore Pools such as 4D and Toto, but I hate how they always say it is a lucky draw or game and not gambling. But after looking at these game draws/bets over in over again, every part of it still is gambling, and when dealing with gambling, it can be addictive and cause problem gambling.

While the government says it is concerned with problem gambling, it actually supports Singapore Pools, which has caused many people addicted to things like 4D and Toto to have gambling problems and it tears apart families and friends. And I must say, no amount of good deeds to charity that Singapore Pools does can remove it from the fact that it is a medium for the creation of many problem gamblers which in turn tear up their relations with their families and friends over gambling.

While horse and soccer betting does in a way keep the two sports lines going, over betting still causes problems. And unless you get really lucky, the chances of you losing your money in things like 4D and Toto is high. Unless they impose a per person bet limit or exclusion order for Singapore Pools, I feel that it would continue to be a profit generating betting syndicate that has been legalised.

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