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Singapore Products R raine May 04, 2012 1457
Chicken Rice
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Overall Rating 
Prima Taste has its own outlet at CenterPoint where popular dishes of Singapore are served. The shop also sells boxes of Prima Taste food which makes it incredibly easy for anyone to prepare famous Singapore dishes from the comfort of home.

I tried the chicken rice box today and managed to prepare a delicious chicken rice. I liked that the box had clear instructions as to what I should do, considering that I'm a cooking greenhorn. Everything that you need is in the box and the only thing I bought was the chicken and some coriander as flavourings. The rice was flavourful, and not too soggy and it had the chicken essence in it. The chilli was too mild for my taste but the garlic dip provided added a great taste.

Given my positive experience with the chicken rice today, I'm definitely going to try the other dishes and learn how to prepare great meals for myself! It also makes good gifts, especially if you have overseas friends, as it's easy to pack home, instructions are clear and sharp and it's not very expensive.
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