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Victim of age...
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Owl brand coffee has been around for ages. What they were pretty famous for was their ground coffee which had nothing for you to shake a stick at. But get this, preparing coffee using coffee grounds requires an art that is refined by practice. You need patience and you cannot rush the coffee, lest you want a cup of piss-poor coffee. Hence, in the age of perpetual rushing, instant coffee and 3-in-1 coffee became more popular relegating Owl Brand and their comrades to the background.

Any who loves coffee will know that instant coffee tastes nothing like coffee that is expertly brewed and the quality of the beans is a big factor in the resulting cup of coffee. That is why coffee grounds are still sold.

The packaging of Owl Brand has been given a cosmetic upgrade to keep up with the times. The coffee still tastes great. Most of the coffee sold is in little bags that you soak in water to brew it, reducing the tedium and mess. But I find that the recommended 1 bag to 1 glass of water results in a very thin tasting brew, so I resort to using half the amount of water for 1 bag or I just dump 2 bags into a full glass of water. After that just soak and enjoy.

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