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Owl Hot
Singapore Products X xinty July 05, 2012 1216
Love the soya bean more than the coffee..
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Overall Rating 
Owl’s instant coffee taste great, but what’s really a hit with my family and I, is the instant soya bean curd pudding as an alternative to popular Lao Ban soya bean curd, Mr Bean and 51 Soya bean. The soya bean curd, or tau huay is so soft and silky and so easy to eat! All you need to do is mix the powder with water, boil it, let it cool outside before leaving in the fridge and wait for it to solidify! The result is a sweet, soft and succulent bowl of delicious soya bean curd pudding, which tastes so, so delicious. Almost as good as popular 51 and Laoban soya bean, and the best part is, you made it yourself.

Especially during periods of promotions (buy one get one free), Owl’s soya bean curd is so worth it (in my opinion)! The usual is $5.50 for one packet, where each packet contain 5 microwavable containers, and a sachet of soya bean powder that can fill all 5 containers! So for promotions period, that’ll make 10 bowls of soya bean worth $5.50, which means one bowl is about $0.55! Amazingly worth it, isn’t it? That always keeps me coming back for more, cheap and good quality tau huay!
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