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Owl Hot
Singapore Products X xinty July 05, 2012 1269
Reliable caffiene in a packet
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I do not normally discriminate in the brands of coffee that I drink. To me, coffee was just coffee, and its main function was to keep me awake and hopefully energetic so that I can get through the day (or night) and do what I have to do.

However, owl, being one of the brands favoured by both my father and brother, inconsequentially became quite a prevalent item of interest in the house. Simply open the dustbin, or check various places such as in my brother's room or my father's study table and you could see at least one packet (full or opened) lying there.

In terms of name, the brand coined the most essential function of coffee pretty brilliantly. The owl, being a noctural creature, was the epitome of lasting through the night when most people are asleep. However, function-wise, i find that on average, the caffeine can keep me going for merely 1 to 1.5 hours more. The aroma though, is pleasant and at times intoxicating. The brew itself, upon mixing with hot water, tastes a bit too sweet for coffee but still acceptable by my standards.

In my opinion, a relatively average-tasting brand.

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