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Owl Hot
Singapore Products X xinty July 05, 2012 1216
Aromatic coffee.
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What i remember most about OWL is of its instant coffees. i remember it used to be in our camp staples when we were in an OBS camp. It comes in a small sachets with the usual coffee powder with an aromatic smell. Not too sweet and not too creamy, i feel that this taste better than the other coffee brands, judging by the large variety of packet coffee i have tried out.

i was first introduced to this brand of coffee from the aforementioned OBS camp. During those hard and tired days in the camp, this packet were like gems to us. However, we did not have hot water during the trip and were of course too lazy and didn't have sufficient time during trekking to boil water so we couldn't use it. Then i though of a crazy idea which was to just eat it in the powder form. And heavens, it was GOOD. well, maybe it was cos anything would have tasted good then. But no, when i went home and tried it again, it tasted really not bad, though i would never waster my calories like that again.

One packet makes a half cup, so don't think of being a cheapskate and making a full cup, you'll just regret it and start complaining of its dilute taste. Of course it cannot compare to starbucks or coffeebean, but its good enough considering one packet's less than a dollar.
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