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My Low-cost Milo drink
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Indeed many of us acknowledge that we have been drinking Milo since our childhood days, till today. From that single particular type, Milo has evolved into various kinds that cater to different needs.

These include ‘Easy-cool’ and ‘Protomalt’ Milo. The Easy-cool mainly serves to give you that cold refreshing feeling while Protomalt has nutrients such as vitamin C, and B vitamins and calcium which is good for overall body development. Besides the good benefits it brings, the prices are fairly set too.

If you would go to a typical minimart near your house, a whole pack containing 18 sachets would cost you $6.20 for Easy-cool and $5.50 for Protomalt. If you were to break it down, having one drink of goodness would simply cost you an average of 30 – 35 cents per glass (using your own hot water). If you were to buy outside in the Kopitiams, average pricing would cost you $1.50, which is 5 times the price!

In addition, if you were to buy the standard sized milo tin (that usually last me for a 1-2 months), you only need to spend $6.50! Calculations aside, it is obvious that spending less than $10 for a 2months worth is value for money. And it will do you good to save money by making your own home-made Milo.

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