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Singapore Products D denise-chia January 12, 2014 2483
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Everyone loves Milo Dinosaur. It's a lovely, rich and thick Milo drink that is sure to put a smile on your face and happiness in your stomach. It can be found in hawker centres, coffee shops and food courts. However, I do personally feel that the best Milo dinosaurs that I have tasted come not from the air-conditioned food courts, but in hawker centres.

A good milo dinosaur consists of a wholesome number of scoops of milo powder, followed by more than usual amount of condensed milk. Mix it all up to formulate a super thick and sweet milo solution. Then pour into a cup and add ice. Then add more milo powder on top such that it floats on the surface. This is the general formula. But don't let the easy recipe fool you, for a good milo dinosaur is hard to master. Sometimes it's too thin, sometimes it's too sweet and other times, it just tastes so bad.

A very heaty drink though, so make sure to drink lots of water after. Or else, you probably will end up with a sore throat the next day. Personal experience. Meh.

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