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Singapore Products D denise-chia January 12, 2014 1725
One of Singapore's Iconic Drink
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You know what they say, "when in Singapore, do what the Singaporeans do!". Anyone who has not had at least one Milo Dinosaur in their entire life, has not lived life to the fullest. It is one of the must-have drink at hawker centres all over Singapore, which will leave you in a sugar comatose.

It starts with 4-5 heaps of milo powder, a little hot water to dissolve them all, 2-3 spoonful of concentrated milk and finally topped up with cold water. The best part of the drink, of course the extra milo powder dumped at top of the drink - the cherry on the cupcake. Or in this instance, the milo powder on the milo drink.

Milo Dinosaur has now become one of the iconic drinks of Singapore, behind the famous Singapore Sling.

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