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Singapore Products M megan-foo February 05, 2014 559
The other Michael Jackson
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I often found myself in dire straits in front of a Kopitiam drink store, deciding between the refreshing, thirst quenching grass jelly and the popular soya bean milk. But Michael Jackson allows me to have the best of both worlds. I wasn’t referring to the King of Pop, but something even better: a mixed drink containing soya bean milk and grass jelly. (chin chow jelly)

Being a “cheapo” I love the fact that a cup of Michael Jackson only costs $1 and is found EVERYWHERE. In fact, I often find myself buying 3 cups at one go to share the joy with my friends.

Not only found in hawker centres, I was elated when I discovered that soya bean stores such as Mr Bean and Jollibean also sell the Michael Jackson. I highly recommend the one from Mr Bean as the sweetness of the grass jelly and freshness of soya bean is on point.
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