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Singapore Products M megan-foo February 05, 2014 642
Childhood delight
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Suffice to say, you could not have experienced Singapore without first having partaken this famous local drink. My earliest notions of black and white were widely associated not with chessboards, nor zebra crossings, but this particular drink.

The love for the Michael Jackson is something that runs in the blood of my family. I remembered my father buying packets of chin chow (grass jelly) and cans of Yeo's soya milk just to make his favourite drink. He would spend 10-15 minutes after lunch slicing the grass jelly up into plastic cups and topping them up with soy milk, and we would sit down to watch TV whilst enjoying the wonderful drink. At times, he would add in jelly, sea coconut or longans, which he would buy and prepare himself.

The Michael Jackson is virtually available everywhere. There are shops specialised in it (i.e. soya bean milk outlets such as Mr Bean) or the simple drink stall at the coffee shop where prices can go for as low as 40 cents for a small cup. In fact, I've even seen a shop where they take pains to moderate the sugar level according to your desires as well as the proportion of chin chow and soya milk you'd want in your drink!

Definitely worth a try!
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