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Singapore Products P prisailurophile July 11, 2012 536
Bacteria invasion?
(Updated: November 13, 2012)
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I am an avid milk lover. To me, almost everything goes well if not perfectly well with milk. From original to chocolate to strawberry flavours, all are my favourite.

I have been drink Marigold fresh milk for almost two whole decades and my top choice of milk brand never changes. I love how refreshing and chilling it is whenever I drink it. However, throughout the years, my very picky taste buds tell me it has definitely changed.

Just talking about their original Marigold fresh milk, the strong fragrant of authentic milk has been diluted ever since few years back, compared to what I have drink in the past since I was very young. The milk seems to be diluted and the difference can even be felt by my mum who does not really care about the changes of food, as long as they are still up to her nutrition standard.

I am not exactly sure what had happened. Another con I would like to point out is their packaging, I can see their effort in providing top class hygienic milk with the cap double-sealed. However, whenever I start choosing the milk in supermarket, I could say about 90% of the cartons there are bloated with air, showing signs of "bacteria invasion".
Being particular about the hygiene of food I consumed, I am upset a couple of times when I had to settle with cartons that are bloated. Even though I did not fall sick after the consumption (well, most of the time. But I had food poisoning once), it irritates me alot thinking that other consumers, especially young kids who have really weak immune system may be susceptible to food poisoning.

Nonetheless, I must say that their milk is still what I am drinking even until now. Not that I am stubborn about my choice, but I could not find another suitable substitute for Marigold fresh milk.
Sincerely hope they can do something about their packaging.
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