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Singapore Products P prisailurophile July 11, 2012 564
Loving Marigold drinks!
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I L-O-V-E Marigold HL Milk to the deepest core! It is, to me, the best chilled chocolate milk to buy from NTUC, as compared to other brands like Dutch Lady. I remember back when I was in secondary school, I often bought the small packet for only 80 cents! Totally worth it, and would probably never find anywhere else other than schools that would sell the exact thing for less than a dollar. It can be a little painful to purchase a small carton for a dollar plus, but sometimes, HL Chocolate Milk makes a delicious treat, especially on a warm day!

Other than milk, I also like to drink Marigold fruit juices! One of the flavours I love the most is their Peel Fresh Powerberries. It's like several kinds of berries mixed to become a flavourful and lovely drink!

Although Marigold drinks can be a little on the costly side, it's always nice to have really delicious yet healthy drinks to enjoy in the comfort of home, or outside, even (if you plan to purchase a small carton). Look out for promotions like 2 for the price of 1, because it will be really worth buying, and who would resist great deals on great products? Not me, at least!

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