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Singapore Products P prisailurophile July 11, 2012 564
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(Updated: November 02, 2012)
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Isn't it odd that Peel Fresh orange juice lists, amongst the usual preservatives and stabilisers, milk solids in its ingredients? Why would milk be added to orange juice? Doesn't it curdle? I suppose that's what emulsifiers are for.

I like the Peel Fresh mango juice best. Then again, I like anything mango flavoured. The apple and aloe vera is also quite good. I also quite like the pink guava. The vegetable juice with the carrots on the carton is the only one out of the lot that I don’t like. In general, the Peel Fresh range is quite realistic-tasting despite the sugar overload.

Marigold is also responsible for HL Milk. HL stands for High in Calcium, Low in Fat but it really ought to stand for Horrid Lactation. Doesn’t taste like milk at all. Really makes you wonder what they did to the poor cow to make it produce milk that tastes that bad.
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