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Liang Teh
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I honestly don't know if Jia Jia makes any other drinks apart from their famous Jia Jia Liang Teh. It's a popular canned drink that can be found almost anywhere in Singapore, in coffeeshops, food centres, 7-11 and hawker centres. I used to drink it often because I thought it was a good drink to cool myself down in Singapore's super hot weather. It tastes nice and you can taste the herbs inside the drink but I find it to be a little too sweet.

For health reasons, that's why I abstain from Jia Jia and instead opt for other less sweet options like brewing my own chrysanthemum tea at home. However, I will admit that the Jia Jia Liang Teh drink is wonderfully refreshing and great to drink on a sweltering hot day or after your exercise. Apart from that, an interesting point to note is that the cans that Jia Jia uses are thicker and heavier than the usual cans. No wonder I always found the cans harder to open.
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