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Good herbal drinks need not be bitter
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Overall Rating 
The most famous of their drinks is probably the herbal teas, which were their initial business ventures. I prefer their herbal teas to the freshly boiled ones probably because not only is the taste milder, but also because it is not bitter and can be drunk as a normal beverage instead of a remedy. However, it being a herbal drink, its quality is subjected to the ingredients available at the time, thus the taste of the herbal tea is not always consistent.

Other than the herbal teas, I really enjoy drinking the Uncle Djengot series, which features bandung in its original flavour as well as with other flavours such as lychee. The Royal series which feature drinks such as iced lemon tea is less commendable, and it pales in comparison to other brands. Overall, the JJ Liangteh and Uncle Djengot drinks makes a good beverage when thirsty, especially when chilled, but I feel that one little flaw in the drinks is the design of the cans which makes them slightly harder to open.

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