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Axes your pain away~
(Updated: July 08, 2012)
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Overall Rating 
Coming from a family background that relies heavily on self-medication, the axe-oil tops my shelf-medicine list. Revered for its pain-alleviating effects, this medicinal oil has served me and my parents well when we feel giddy from motion sickness or feel nauseous from terrible migraines for approximately 20 years now.

I can personally attest to the soothing, cooling and relieving effect it has the minute you apply it. Common areas I apply the oil to include the temples (to calm the main throbbing experience), the bridge of the nose (to inhale the relieving smell) and the neck (to relax the tension on your shoulders). Of course when I use the oil, I rarely go out as the smell can really be a turn-off to others. Do be careful when applying because it can irritate the eyes which can cause further problems.

Usually after applying it, I will recover in one day and the next time I face the same problem would be 2-3 months later. However, if you keep experiencing your headaches frequently, you really shouldn’t be over reliant on this medicinal oil and would be better off consulting a doctor instead. While the stereotype is that this oil is just for the elderly, it benefits young people too

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