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I don’t have the most aesthetic Instagram feed, but I’m getting there with the help of VSCO… and a lot of guidance from a photographer friend.

The editing options available in the app are diverse, with one of my favourite unique ones being ‘Shadows Tint’, which can change the mood of your photos drastically. The filters I use most often are A6 when I want to emphasize the shadows, or C1 when I want the colours to be more vibrant. I’d purchase more filters, but the prices seemed too exorbitant to me. A tiny downside would be that the adjustment knobs for the tools are not seamless sliders like Instagram’s, and so photographs are difficult to fine-tune.

VSCO is an app I swear by, a plus point being the fact that it’s free on the store. Additional presets come at a price though, but promotions do take place, so I’d grab the opportunity when it comes again.

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