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Others J jared December 07, 2012 350
Seriously Singapore?
(Updated: December 08, 2012)
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It's laws like this that make me feel like giving a huge giant face-palm to Singapore. According to Wikipedia, this law was introduced in 1938 to criminalise all other non-penetrative sexual acts between men. Well, it was 1938, and I understand people were more conservative that time. But hey, this is 2012 going on 2013! Gay men still can't have sex here? What happened to democracy in Singapore? Singapore may be progressing in terms of technology but way of thinking? Nah.

I really feel sorry for the homosexuals in Singapore. With laws like this, they should really just migrate elsewhere. Two years jail term for having sex with your lover, really sucks to be gay in Singapore. America is probably laughing at us now.

Do I need to launch another tirade for Singapore banning gum too?
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