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discriminatory laws
(Updated: December 08, 2012)
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Did you know that up to 2004, oral sex in Singapore was considered illegal and was an act that faced imprisonment? It took a high profile case involving a police officer for this archaic law to be revised. Interestingly, oral sex now is legal, but only for heterosexuals of course. And that is what makes me mad.

I feel the law should apply equally to every Singaporean given the same circumstances. That is what makes law just and fair. So I do not understand why in this day and age, homosexuals are being discriminated against. The government is effectively sending the message that homosexuals are not welcome in Singapore, which makes it even harder people in society who have to respect our government, to accept homosexuals. Thus the increased negative social stigma homosexuals have to face in their day to day lives. We are living in the 21 st century. hello?!?!?! Or should we go back to thinking sacrificing virgins will avert natural disasters.

I am a heterosexual by the way, I just feel this is really unfair to discriminate against someone and send him to jail, based on his sexual orientation. The location of the Penal Code has also become a standing joke in the LGBT community. Because it implies the government recognises gay sex (377A) lies somewhere between necrophilia (Section 377) and bestiality (Section 377B). I mean, seriously?
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