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Others J jared December 07, 2012 350
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I must confess that I am always oddly interested in the whole concept of the 377A penal code. This mind-boggling issue of gay rights and the freedom to love has been increasingly debated in Singapore, especially with greater support for the annual Pink Dot movement.

Living in a liberalized society today where mindsets are increasingly more accepting of aberrations, the penal code would understandable seem to most as unrelenting and discriminatory. While I agree that everyone has the right to love who they want, regardless of gender, race or age, I believe that the penal code has a larger significance than that of itself.

By and large, Singapore remain a conservative society even as mindsets are slowly but surely shifting. We have many religious groups here, and some of the religions preaches against homosexuality. To approve of gay marriage is a huge step to take for the government and we need to be prepared mentally, culturally, and demographically.

As much as we aspire to become as liberated as the other western countries, we need to understand the context of the Asian society we're in and the degree of acceptance currently. In addition, we must also understand the implications on our declining birth rates. Perhaps it would help if Singaporeans railing for this change would stop to think further.

My stance towards the penal code remains ambivalent. I am in favour of both sides, for different reasons. I can only hope that eventually everyone can find their rightful freedom to love without significant compromises on the nation.
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