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Singapore compares itself with many other countries when it comes to talking about a city with the likes of 'modern', 'cosmopolitan', 'open' and other such opening descriptions. However, one can never expect the city which likens itself to giants to be so set back into the past.

The notion of being 'gay' is slowly being turned around with the rise of the Gay Movement. It is now increasingly more and more commonplace to see the notion of being gay accepted in a greater number of settings. Although there is a valid argument in that such a state is akin to peversing the way nature is supposed to work, as it take 2 individuals of opposite genders to reproduce biologically and would not work out with 2 individuals of the same gender, it should be noteworthy that given a burgeoning population and the ability of human beings to feel and think, the perception of what type of love an individual wants is placed above nature's reproduction to ensure survival of the species.

Moreover, though it is unthinkable to traditionalists who abhor such deviations from the traditional notion of sex, gayness is fast becoming a norm. Those who do not keep up in times may soon find themselves left behind. Although Singapore is safe economically, what if the next president of USA is a gay and boycotts trade with Singapore due to its notion in homosexuality, which is a major issue in the US?

Hence, as old laws become obselete, they should be relooked at and renewed.
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