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Unnecessary Quarrel
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While many people stand for a certain side in this controversial issue, I try to stand impartially in light of the situation at hand.

The Penal Code 377A stipulates that any intercourse between two men is banned - however, while the original intent was that all gay sex is prohibited, this law has been passed down for generations from the British rule in the past. Despite that, the government has actually clarified that this law is only applicable for the prosecution of public gay sex. While it is true that the Singapore government tries to continue to uphold the oft thought of moral standards of the country, it is true that gays can still continue to do as they wish in the vicinity of their homes, behind closed doors. In this instance then, I feel that the law is fair - any straight public sex would also be condoned and would also be prosecuted under another law. The law doesn't govern how one can choose to live - it just discourages the lack of shame that some might have in engaging in sexual activities publicly.

And that, is a culture that I don't want to live in. Not that gays should not be allowed to marry, but watching people have public sex whenever and where ever they wish. That would truly, indeed, be disturbing.

That being said, everyone has a choice to live, just like how there are always two sides to a coin. Regarding this issue, I personally find that there is room for more understanding instead of blatant condemnation, incessant quarrelling, and pointless name calling. When will the fight ever end if this goes on?

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