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Others J jared December 07, 2012 353
One of The Most Unnecessary Laws I've Ever Come Across
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I believe that this law represents anything along the lines of cowardly. The reason why any government would impose a law that discriminates and deprives citizens of their basic rights is because they don't want to agitate the conservatives, they just want to follow their beliefs and the 'majority' to maintain peace and order.

Okay, you've got Singapore, a peaceful, riot-free, war-free and conflict-free country that is making their mark in the economical world, but, are we happy? If you follow the general consensus, we are a pretty stable country, but not everybody realises that in it are many loopholes.

These kind of discriminatory and prejudicial laws have squeezed us dry of our emotions, it makes the majority so numb to these issues because they aren't talked about or cared about enough. It has made the country less feeling, less understanding and thus I am not surprised that Singapore is one of the unhappiest countries.

I just don't understand the point of this law. So what, if two men love each other and decide to have sex. So what, if a man is just going to have a one-night stand with another man in the toilet. Sure, some sexual acts like cheating on your partner may be wrong, but guess what, don't straight people do that too? Homosexuals are no different from heterosexuals, just like how you can never bring yourself to like a certain genre of music, homosexuals can never bring themselves to like somebody of the opposite sex. The fact that it is a same-sex relationship does and should not set us apart from the others, and it does NOT define a person's character.

Let love be what it really is, and don't try to deprive others of that right to love truly. Whether a man and a man have sex or not is none of anybody's business. If conservatives have something to say about it, then they should jolly well deal with it, because a law is a law, and one should never mix personal beliefs and religion with constitution. We are a multi-racial country, and learning to live with other races is something that we are already accustomed to, is accepting others' sexual orientation so much of a chore?
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